Curse Words Bring Plagues in South Park Episode 502 “It Hits the Fan”

The big news is that a cop show is going to say the word “shit” on television. Oooooo.

It’s basically just a huge publicity stunt that gets everyone watching, and to show us how stupid it is, this episode says “shit” hundreds of times and keeps a counter in the corner.

Unfortunately, this public cursing has gotten everyone doing it, and that, it happens, is a bad thing. Curse words are called that because they’re cursed and if everyone doesn’t stop cursing something very bad is going to happen.

The boys and Chef go to the networks to try to get them to stop cursing (they just dismiss them as Conservative Christians with a harangue about free speech), and then do their best to shut things down and get people to stop cursing.

Kyle tells the world on television: “Swearing can be fun, but doing it all the time causes problems. We’re all saying the ‘s’ word too much….The Knights of Standards and Practices were created to make sure that bad words were kept to a minimum. Curse words – they’re called that because they are cursed. We have to go back to using curse words in only rare, extreme circumstances.”


What did you think? What was your favorite part?

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