The South Park Parents Give Their Boys Chickenpox and the Boys Give Their Parents Herpes in Episode 210, “Chickenpox”

Herpes and chickenpox, oh my!

Kenny got chickenpox, and the parents of the other children, wanting their children to get it while they’re young and therefore less susceptible to its effects, send Cartman, Kyle and Stan over to his house to spend the night. Stan and Cartman come down with the pox but Kyle just can’t seem to. His mother even has him play ookie-mouth with Kenny, trying to catch Kenny’s spit in his mouth and then say ookie-mouth before he swallows it. Yum.

When the boys discover this ruse (Kyle overhears his mother on the phone discussing his health), they decide to get revenge. Chef tells the boys the location of a herped hooker who they pay $5 to wipe her herpeness all over their parents’ stuff. And with that, everyone gets a form of herpes. Hooray!

What did you think? What was your favorite part?

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