Zen Talk: This Just Resonated In My Head And I Had to Share It

“It is everywhere.” – Chuang-tzu

I don’t know what it is about these three words, but when I read them they just stuck with me. It. What is “it?” The obvious answer is Zen or the Tao or for others, God, but then you start thinking about what “it” could be to so many different people and it becomes never-ending.

Who knows what it is? When I first read this I didn’t assign anything to it. I just read the words again and stopped. It is everywhere. Is the “it” important? Somehow I think less so – less than knowing the characteristic of it: that it is everywhere.

There’s something so satisfying about these three words in this order:

It – is – everywhere.

What do you think about this? What does it make you think about?

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4 Responses

  1. Super Symmetry is a popular theory physicists like to play with. Since only a fraction of the universes mass can be accounted for, the theory supposes the remaining mass is found in “dark matter” This dark matter is substance, but not in an apparent physical form. What exactly is this “dark matter”?
    I keep putting quotes around “dark matter”, because I hope no one thinks, oooh star trek.
    If particles had equal and opposite invisible particles, the combined matter or combined mass of the invisible opposing particles would be the remaining “missing” matter, and the label for this missing matter is dark matter.

    Check out the atlas experiment. There’s alot of information physicists are hoping for from a 16billion dollar experiment.

  2. oh yeah, the whole point!
    IT may indeed be all around us in every atom.

  3. It is an interesting phenomenon of of the mind or human nature that we need to label and define everything—speech and communication would not be possible without it–but at the same time–“defining” is to limit. –to say what is and is not. Its function is to exclude. So it can be freeing to use words to include rather than exclude. to think not in terms of definitions–but possibilities.

  4. Very well said, Kay. And thank you Dante’s Snowball, for your mention of Dark Matter. It’s interesting how physics has a place in a conversation like this one.

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