Cartman Brings the South to Victory in a Civil War Reenactment in South Park Episode 314, “Red Badge of Gayness”

Being from the South I really enjoy this episode. No, not because I want the re institution of slavery as Cartman bets on and fights for, but because I think it’s funny that these Civil War reenactments exist, and I wonder how many people are extremely bothered by the fact that the North wins. After all, the war culture is very strong in the South and people still consider the Civil War the War of Northern Aggression.

But back to South Park. Cartman wants to win the Civil War for the South and then make Stan and Kyle his slaves in line with a bet they made about whether or not the South won the Civil War. Keeping the troops wasted and thinking they are fighting for something seems to be the trick for Cartman’s success as he marches across the United States, conquering more and more territory until he finally arrives in Washington.

There, Bill Clinton is about to sign something that declares that the South has risen and won the Civil War (Cartman is blackmailing him with info about an affair with Marissa Tome), but Stan and Kyle take his army away by removing the constant supply of booze.

What did you think? What was your favorite part?

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