Ike Broflovski Does His Teacher and Cartman is the Dawg in South Park Episode 1010, “Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy”

The first time I saw this episode I was unfamiliar with Dog, Bounty Hunter. I’d never heard of it and had no idea what South Park was making fun of. I thought it was funny, though, to see Cartman running around with this weird team, screaming at people about going with Jesus while he slammed them violently into lockers. Since then, I’ve constantly been amused by the actual show, Dog, Bounty Hunter. What was also amusing, if a little weirder, was Ike Broflovski doing his teacher.

When Cartman is made the hall monitor, he takes on the persona of Dawg, a no-nonsense, street-tough, degenerate-punishing crime fighter who can’t stand the idea that two people (he could care less that it’s a student and a teach) are violating his hall by making out in it. He’s determined to catch them, and the end of the episode is quite hilarious (Cartman’s line in particular). It won’t translate well here so I recommend you watch the episode and enjoy.

What did you think? What was your favorite part?

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