In “Red Hot Catholic Love,” Father Maxi Saves the Vatican and Catholicism

This is absolutely one of my favorite episodes.

The parents are afraid that the priest is molesting their children and so they became atheists, abandoning God, the Bible and religion. Meanwhile, the boys learned that shoving food up your butt makes you crap out of your mouth. Thus, everyone starts crapping out of their mouths and being atheist. Father Maxi goes to the Vatican to put a stop to the molestation that has been allowed to run wild and in doing so actually destroys the Vatican entirely.

At the end of the episode, standing amidst the Vatican’s rubble, Father Maxi declares:

“You’ve forgotten what being a Catholic is all about: this book. You see, these are just stories – stories that are meant to help people in the right direction. Love your neighbor. Be a good person. That’s it! And when you start turning the stories into literal translations of hierarchies and power, well, you end up with this. People are losing faith because they don’t see how what you’ve turned the religion into applies to them! They’ve lost touch with any idea of any kind of religion, and when they have no mythology to try and live their lives by, well, they just start spewing a bunch of crap out of their mouths!”

A fantastic episode – do not miss it!

What did you think? What was your favorite part? Want more South Park quotes about the Bible? Click HERE.

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3 Responses

  1. I love south park. I think not only do they brush on important religious thees, they tackle the current events of the world and the stupidity behind a lot of the fears, prejudices and economics. Every episode makes you think a little. I’ve never seen anything like it.

    Great blog. FYI, I couldn’t get to the blog link though your website (the link wasn’t clickable), and when I tried your wordpress link at AW in your sig, it said the link was broken and I had to take a round-about route to get here. Just thought you might want to know.

    Anyway, thanks for blogging about South Park!

  2. Thanks for reading and for your kind words, Angela. I’m glad South Park makes you think. It always has my mind spinning too and I just love it.

    Also, thanks for the heads up about the links. I fixed the one on AW (hope it’s okay now) and as for my website, it can sometimes be finicky, esp. when viewed in i.e. (I know, not good policy on my part, but one day I’ll get it back into shape). Hope you can still check out the archives easily enough from the link in my blogroll and read about other episodes that you like.

  3. I love this episode… my sister and I were flipping channels one day and found a history channel show about the Vatican and discussed (again, as we have many times) the out-of-touchness of the catholic church. We were raised Catholic, but drifted away as we grew up, and now it just seems silly. Well, all the rules and everything seem silly, the Catholicism that Father Maxi describes actually makes sense

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