Cheesing – Getting High from Cat Piss – Is the Latest Drug Craze in South Park Episode 1203, “Major Boobage”

This episode is pretty f-ed up, particularly as the central theme is cheesing, a process whereby one gets ridiculously high by scaring a cat into pissing into one’s face. The episode is an homage to the 1981 film, “Heavy Metal.”

It is Kenny who adopts a particularly potent addiction to cheesing, sure that he is only moments away from achieving the goal of his hallucination – to see the breasts of the princess in his fantasy. But you never quite see them.

In an attempt to force people to get off cheesing, Gerald pushes for the banning of all cats form South Park, yet it is he who returns to a terrible cheesing habit in the process – despite having not cheesed for a decade. Cats are sent away yet it is Cartman who rescues many by keeping them safely in his attack. Though Kyle pushes him, Cartman can’t seem to find any parallel in history to a group being forced to go into hiding for their very survival (and he makes his own Mr. Kitty write a diary…).

When Mr. Broflovski’s addiction is revealed in all its monstrosity, he apologizes publicly, just like Eliot Spitzer when he apologized for the hooker incident after being the one who fought so vehemently against such improprietous behavior. He also gives an excellent speech about how making things illegal is not the way to solve any problems because people will always find ways to get high (incidentally, this is also the only time Gerald has ever been pictured without his kipa).

What did you think? What was your favorite part?

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