The Boys Rescue Willzyx in South Park Episode 913, “Free Willzyx”

Si, fly.

During a day at the aquarium, Kyle sticks around the orca whale’s tank to watch it a little longer when all of a sudden, the whale talks to him. It reveals that its name is Willzyx (pronounced Will-Zee-Ack) and that it is from the moon, where it desperately hopes to return one day to be with its family.

Si, fly.

As it happens, Willzyx is only talking because the announcers at the whale show are playing a little joke an an unsuspecting little boy.

Si, fly.

Convinced that Willzyx must be saved – and successfully convincing his friends of the same thing – the boys break the whale out of the aquarium at night and negotiate with the Mexican space program to send him to the moon for $200. Their adventure getting Willzyx to the moon is pretty funny.

Si, fly.

What did you think of this episode? What was your favorite part?

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Si, fly.


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