Around the World Pic: Camel’s in Jordan Drinking from Bottles


This was one of the sillier things I’ve seen in my day. The camel was making a whole lot of noise – honking and braying and doing lord knows what – and a bunch of tourists were watching this go down. This is at Petra, by the way, down by the Treasury.

In any case, one of the guides took a water bottle and brought it over to the camel who proceeded to suck all of the water down like he was a giant baby. When the guide let the bottle go the camel chewed it rapidly and then spat it out on the ground. You can already see one of two at his feet.

Very amusing.

Have you been to Petra? Jordan? Ridden a camel before?

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Satan Throws the Ultimate Halloween Bash in South Park Episode 1011, “Hell on Earth”

I think this episode is hysterical. I love the twisting of the Bloody Mary myth into one around Biggie Smalls, because it speaks to the nature of what’s scary now and what just no longer does it. This develops into a whole host of problems for Butters, who is the only one who has the balls (maybe they came from his chin) to say Biggie’s name into the mirror in the dark.

The idea of Satan throwing a huge Halloween bash and acting like a bratty girl on MTV is also wonderful, particularly the defense of his character at the end, insisting that he is not nearly as bad as those girls. The preparing of a Ferrari cake and that the three serial killers – parodying the Three Stooges – are meant to pick it up is also great.

And was it too soon with Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter, showing up with a Stingray in his chest and being chastised for the costume and then thrown out for not having a costume!?!?! I hope so! So tasteless and so classically South Park.

“Come on honey. Let’s go back to Hell. I suddenly don’t feel hungry for Acura cake.” Yes, that’s right. Hell is better than being offended at a party.

Did you like this episode? What was your favorite part?

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Butters’ Evil Side is Unleashed When the Boys Fire Him as Their Friend in Episode 606, “Professor Chaos”

As we all know, Season 6 lacks dear old Kenny, who was finally killed for good (sort of) at the end of Season 5. For the duration of Season 6 so far Butters has been the boys’ fourth friend, but unfortunately he’s just not doing a satisfactory job (I think he made quite an effort though) and they fire him.

And of course, that leaves a vacancy. Thus, the boys hold auditions for all the other boys to see who is going to be their “fourth.” It’s run a lot like one of the original reality shows, which were just about some woman or man looking for love from one of 25 or so suitors.

Besought by his tragic dismissal, Butters unleashes his evil alter-ego, a cross between Magento and Dr. Doom, and attempts to wreak havoc and destruction on the world.

What did you think of this episode? What was your favorite part? Who would you have elected to be the new best friend?

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