Satan Throws the Ultimate Halloween Bash in South Park Episode 1011, “Hell on Earth”

I think this episode is hysterical. I love the twisting of the Bloody Mary myth into one around Biggie Smalls, because it speaks to the nature of what’s scary now and what just no longer does it. This develops into a whole host of problems for Butters, who is the only one who has the balls (maybe they came from his chin) to say Biggie’s name into the mirror in the dark.

The idea of Satan throwing a huge Halloween bash and acting like a bratty girl on MTV is also wonderful, particularly the defense of his character at the end, insisting that he is not nearly as bad as those girls. The preparing of a Ferrari cake and that the three serial killers – parodying the Three Stooges – are meant to pick it up is also great.

And was it too soon with Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter, showing up with a Stingray in his chest and being chastised for the costume and then thrown out for not having a costume!?!?! I hope so! So tasteless and so classically South Park.

“Come on honey. Let’s go back to Hell. I suddenly don’t feel hungry for Acura cake.” Yes, that’s right. Hell is better than being offended at a party.

Did you like this episode? What was your favorite part?

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