“Canada on Strike” (1204) is South Park’s Jab at the Hollywood Strike…and Canada

I had mixed feelings about this episode when I first saw it, mostly because I was largely bored by the Canadian Strike, even if it was meant to represent something else equally as ridiculous. And that point – that the Hollywood writers’ strike got them absolutely nothing – was great. I just found the episode to be a little slow and somewhat repetitive, and I hate thinking, “Get on with it,” while watching South Park.

The battle between the stupid people from the YouTube videos was also amusing even though I honestly hadn’t seen but one of the cultural phenomena referred to. That stuff just never reaches me. If you want to provide a link below to any of the things that were being made fun of in the episode, I’d be most appreciative – perhaps some of my readers will be too.

What did you think of this episode? What is your favorite video?

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