Cows Form a Cult in South Park Episode 213, “Cow Days”

I love this episode because it’s got a great warning about cults.

Cow Days is an annual South Park festival, and for this Cow Days a giant cow statue with a clock in it has been constructed. However, in the middle of the festival the statue goes missing but is later discovered in a big field with a bunch of cows surrounding it reverentially. They’re forming a cow cult!

When the FBI comes and demands that the cows disperse they start throwing themselves over the edge of a cliff. Cult-induced cow suicide. Oh, no!

As Jimbo and the mayor discuss at the end of the episode, cults are never a good thing. What a good message.

Other great parts about this episode: the dead tourists in jail; Cartman becoming a Vietnamese hooker; SHENANIGANS!!!

What did you think about this episode? What was your favorite part?

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