Zen Talk: Two Ears and One Mouth

“The quieter you become, the more you can hear.”
Baba Ram Dass

This quote echoes a familiar adage with which many of us are familiar – perhaps you recall hearing it from a teacher in elementary school. “You’ve got two ears and one mouth which means that you should listen twice as much as you talk.”

What this indicates, if one continues with the quote of Baba Ram Dass, is that there is an inversely proportional relationship between not talking (or being quiet) and the amount we hear. Want to learn something? Then shut up and listen (I should heed my own advice and stop writing!).

Does this necessarily mean that someone will say something direct and wise to you when I shut my pie-hole? Of course not! It means that when I stop occupying my mind with what’s coming out of my mouth then I become more receptive to hearing what the world has to tell me.

What do you think about this quote?

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Enjoy more Zen Talk.


One Response

  1. Want to learn something? Then shut up and listen.

    This is also one of those unwritten rules of salesmanship. My first job after college was working for a successful insurance agent. He told me that when he started to shut up and listen to his customers (instead of telling customers what he thought they should know/buy, his sales started to increase dramatically.

    Of course the blogosphere would be a lonely place if we all shut up. 😉

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