Jimmy and Timmy Join the Crips When Christopher Reeve Starts Sucking Stem Cells in “Krazy Kripples,” South Park Episode 702

When Christopher Reeve, the crippled actor who played Superman in the original movies, comes to town, he steals Jimmy’s spotlight, and puts out this boy who’s been crippled from birth – and proud of it. Christopher Reeve, Jimmy notes, became crippled later in life. Christopher Reeve has decided to speak out about the importance of stem-cells, and in order to prove their value, he demonstrates how sucking on a dead fetus restores some of his strength.

Why is this a hilarious comment on the stem-cell debate? Because opposers of stem-cell research like to promote the notion that something akin to cracking open the spines of dead baby fetuses and drinking their fluid is what’s being proposed when scientists want to experiment with stem-cell research. South Park, as usual, has taken this ignorant vision to the extreme.

Jimmy is appaled that a non-born that way cripple would try to uncripple himself and at the same time hog Jimmy’s spotlight. He decides to form a club of crippled people from birth to isolate Christopher Reeve, but actually discovers that such a club already exists: they’re called the Crips, and they can be found in Denver. And from their on the hilarity never stops as Jimmy takes Timmy and the two friends go to join this gang.

By the end, it’s Jimmy and Timmy who learn that hating others because they’re a different kind of cripple isn’t right, and so they rectify the fued between the Crips and the Bloods by explaining this lesson. How touching.

What did you think about this episode? What was your favorite part?

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