Kanye West Knocked Down By Jimmy and Cartman’s Gay Fish Joke in South Park Episode 1305, “Fishsticks”

It all starts with a joke.

Do you like fishsticks?

Yeah, I like fishsticks.

What are you? A gay fish?

HAHAHAHA – yes, it’s very funny.

But that’s not the point of the episode. Jimmy and Cartman wrote this joke together – theoretically. In fact, Jimmy wrote it while Cartman ate chips on the couch. Yet, Cartman continues to take credit for half the joke, and truly believes – because of his deluded ego, Kyle explains – that he came up with half the joke.

As the joke becomes increasingly popular and featured on national television by a variety of late night talk show hosts, Cartman wants to patent the joke for Jimmy and himself. It’s at this point that Jimmy speaks up, at Kyle’s behest, telling Cartman that Cartman didn’t write the joke. Cartman becomes concerned that Jimmy will try to Jew him out of their joke.

In the meantime, the joke is used on Kanye West, the notoriously egomaniacal rapper, who believes that the joke is truly about him and only him and that people are unjustly calling him a gay fish. He freaks out and goes to all lengths to get to the bottom of the joke and deny it. But he just doesn’t get that it’s a play on words rather than a joke about him, Kanye.

This episode rips into more than just Kanye, however, and also take a nice slice at Carlos Mencia, who claims that the joke is his, and later admits to Kanye that he stole the joke because he’s not funny at all and has to steal jokes to be funny. Kanye murders him for making fun of him.

When the boys go on Ellen, finally getting their just acknowledgment, Kanye learns who really started the joke. Jimmy, pissed that Cartman stole his spotlight, complains about the joke-stealing, but then Kanye comes and when Cartman sees that Jimmy still won’t relent, despite the threat of death, he realizes that Jimmy is too egotistical and twists reality to protect himself from the truth. “Some people just have egos so out of whack that no matter what people tell them, they can’t accept the truth about who they are.” While he explains this, we are looking right at Kanye, who understands what’s being said and concludes that he has to listen to other people. He must actually be a gay fish.

What’s amazing is that Kanye West, in real life, has admitted, as a result of this episode, that he does need to work on his ego and that, despite hurting his feelings, South Park got him good.

Cartman’s flashbacks were hilarious, primarily for what they reveal about his character, and I love the Jew-bots that he destroyed by flaming-on. That he wanted Kyle to teach him some Jew defensive techniques against Jimmy trying to Jew him out of their joke is also ridiculous and hilarious.

What did you think of this episode?

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2 Responses

  1. i dont really get the joke niether do my friends i wish sombeody could just explain it to me

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