Stan is Challenged to a Race and the Parents Fend off Time Shares in “Asspen,” South Park Episode 603

An episode all about timeshares and parodying the classic 80s John Kussack movie, Better Off Dead. Who could ask for anything more? Well, me, but this episode is still amusing in a variety of ways. After all, I love Better Off Dead and seeing movies that made John Kussack into the semi-big celebrity that he is today. Plus, they really make that movie seem ridiculous…which it sort of is.

The parents decide to take the children with them to Aspen so that they can learn to ski. After all, it’s free so long as they sit through a brief timeshare presentation. The relentless timeshare presenters, however, won’t let them go without more information and it seems that everyone, right up to the town’s policemen, are in on the gig.

Unfortunately for Stan this trip to Aspen is also less than enjoyable as he somehow gets roped into skiing on a dangerous slope against a top skier – and he doesn’t even know how to ski. He can barely pizza and french fry.

A funnier part of this episode is when Cartman gives Butters The Hitler, a nighttime mustache wiped on his upper lip with a piece of poo. This foreshadows, I believe, the episode in which Cartman does a series of terrible things to Butters in his sleep, ending with a penis in the mouth.

What did you think about this episode?

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