Psychic Cartman Solves Serial Killer Murder Mysteries in South Park Episode 813, “Cartman’s Incredible Gift”

When Cartman bangs his head trying to fly, he wakes up in the hospital and is convinced by the police that he has psychic powers and that he should help them solve a serial killer murder mystery.

When Cartman makes money for solving the crimes (read: randomly accuses the wrong person) he is reassured about the power of his psychic abilities and becomes the police officers’ go to guy. Needless to say, this infuriates Kyle, who knows that the crimes are not solved, innocent people are in jail, and Cartman’s profiting from something that is patently false: psychic powers.

More murders lead the cops to believe that there is a copy-cat killer rather than a falsely imprisoned murderer, and they bring Cartman back to solve the murders. Eventually, the real serial killer kidnaps Cartman for crediting other people with his work, and he makes Cartman watch a series of boring slide shows, asking “Do you see?”

Kyle solves the murders with some good old fashioned sleuthing and claims to know who the killer is after injuring himself and pretending that the injury gave him psychic powers.

Particularly notable scene: Cartman’s psychic showdown with the psychic league that wants a cut of his profits.

What did you think about this episode? What was your favorite part?

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