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Cartman has Radiohead Watch Scott Tenorman Eat His Parents in a Bowl of Chili in South Park episode 501, “Scott Tenorman Must Die”

Radiohead gueststarring on South Park! It was like two of my favorite things being sandwiched together in blissful wonderment. Hurray!

Many have seen this fabled episode, but for those who haven’t, I’ll toss in a quick summary and a few of my favorite highlights.

Scott Tenorman is a middle schooler who has tricked Cartman out of a bit of money, and Cartman just cannot let it go, so much so that he is determined to get back at Scott in whatever way he possibly can (spoiler alert similar to the title of this post!). In perhaps one of the most elaborate schemes ever created, Cartman arranges to have Scott’s parents murdered and their bodies ground into chili that Cartman eventually tricks Scott into eating. Cartman even convinces Radiohead to come to town at the same moment this all goes down, and when Scott cries upon learning about eating his dead parents, Radiohead watches him cry and calls him a sissy crybaby. It is simultaneously disturbing and hilarious.

Favorite parts: Cartman licking Scott’s tears; Stan and Kyle vowing never to f- with Cartman.

Later episode’s that reference this one: when Cartman threatens that he’ll make someone else trifling with him eat his parents, and in “Cartoon Wars,” when Cartman and Bart are deciding who’s more badass, Cartman cites this incident.

What did you think about this episode? What was your favorite part?

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Cartman Wants to Visit “Casa Bonita” More Than Anything in South Park Episode 711

Ever since seeing this episode I’ve wanted to visit Casa Bonita. A friend of mine had actually gone before the airing of this episode, and though this episode made him want to return, he insists that the food is relatively disappointing. Have you ever been to Casa Bonita? Any thoughts in that department?

For Kyle’s birthday, his mom is taking him and three friends to Casa Bonita. Rather than take Cartman, who he insists is not really his friend, Kyle has decided to take Butters instead. Wanting nothing more than to visit the awesome and beloved Casa Bonita with it’s phenomenal food and amazing entertainment, Cartman plots to steal Butters’ space on the birthday outing. He tricks Butters into hiding in a bomb shelter by telling him that the world is about to end and then acts really nicely towards Kyle so that he’ll take Cartman along to Casa Bonita when Butters is nowhere to be found. It gets twisted when everyone thinks that Butters is missing or dead and Cartman stays quiet in order to make it to Casa Bonita.

I think this is a pretty darn funny episode. What did you think? What was your favorite part?

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