Why The Zen of South Park Blog? you ask.

Well, my name is Jay Solomon, and I am currently writing a book about South Park and religion. South Park, I believe, is one of America’s most astute and fascinating social commentaries. Though it covers many issues, I have decided to tackle the one that is my area of expertise – comparative religion – and plumb the depths of the show for its thoughts on the matter while simultaneously educating my readers about religion in a fun and interesting way. To read more about the book and interact with the show and religion in other fun ways visit The Zen of South Park website.

I have an M.A. in comparative religion from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and my B.A. was in History and Religious Studies from the University of Pennsylvania. Learn more about me and my qualifications for writing this book at my About the Author page.

Please don’t hesitate to leave comments on any post or send your thoughts, feedback and suggestions to Jay@thezenofsouthpark.com.

Finally, a legal matter that unfortunately, I have to cover. All material used on this blog is the legal property of Jay Solomon and The Zen of South Park. It may be reproduced only with explicit written permission of Jay Solomon and with proper reference and citation. All unauthorized users of the material herein will be nagged incessantly and the fullest legal recourse allowable will be pursued. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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3 Responses

  1. My kids have watched South Park for years and although I caught a few episodes, it was usually just background noise. That was until my son started buying the seasons on DVD. I have now watched practically every episode of the show and I LOVE it. It’s my favorite TV show now and I look forward to new-episode Wednesdays. I have even delayed social events so I don’t miss the new shows! I totally agree that it is “one of America’s most astute and fascinating social commentaries.”

  2. So glad you think of the show so highly, Nancy, and that you have such an open mind about your son watching it. A lot of parents get very uptight, and not that younger children should be watching South Park as it’s definitely a [Mature] and Adult cartoon, but it is remarkably profound as a social commentary. Thanks for visiting The Zen of South Park Blog!

  3. its realli nice that other adults actualli see the real meaning behind south parks humor where i stay i think i am the only person who watchs and understands whats going on. its a shame i found out about this website only now. south park really potraits life and the american way (no offence) really (dont know what words to use) but realli good

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