Cartman Wants to Feel Jesus’ Salvation All Over His Face in South Park Episode 709, “Christian Rock Hard”

As an episode about South Park exploiting the Christian music industry in order to win a bet with Kyle, you can only imagine how much I love “Christian Rock Hard.”

So, now you know the premise, and what’s left to enjoy are Cartman’s experiences creating his awesome band. By taking the lyrics from old songs and replacing key words with Jesus, we’re left with a series of sensual, sexual and disturbing song about Cartman and Jesus. The songs also have great names that recall issues like salvation, crucifixion, sin and forgiveness. The names of the other Christian rock bands, like “Trinity,” also speak to South Park‘s amusing understanding of Christianity.

At Christfest, where Cartman hopes his band will perform, there is a stand selling bibles and another selling items with your favorite psalm printed on them. A particularly hilarious scene is when Cartman and the band are in the record company’s president’s office about to have their band signed. Cartman challenges God to strike him with lightening if he is being insincere about his love of Jesus. Butters scoots away.

In the meantime, in addition to mocking Christian rock and Cartman’s exploitation of evangelical Christians everywhere, the show comments on a social issue prevalent at the time: downloading big bands’ music from Napster and the internet. This lambasting of Metallica and others for their self-obsession, greediness, conceit and lack of interest in the music when compared to the money is both blatant and, I’d say, deserved. Sure, musicians have a right to protect their music – it is theirs after all – but to try to stand in the way of what, we can see 6 years later, is an unstoppable progression in the way music is acquired and listened to, is foolish and short-sighted.

What did you think about this episode? What was your favorite part?

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Six More South Park Episodes of Cartmania Lead Us to the Mid-Season Premier

Yep, Comedy Central is going crazy, throwing South Park episodes at us left and right. I’m really excited for this Wednesday’s mid-season premier and hope you are too. The episodes on tonight, which comprise Cartmania, are:

Ginger Kids (911)

Tonsil Trouble (1201)

Go God Go (1012)

Go God Go XII (1013)

Christian Rock Hard (709)

The Death of Eric Cartman (906)

Such great episodes for someone who loves the religious ones. 1012 and 1013 are all about atheism and how it isn’t the -isms that are the problem but the people who adhere to them so strongly. It’s really an excellent pair of episodes.

Christian Rock Hard is also fantastic as Eric Cartman starts a Christian Rock band to beat Kyle at a bet for who can get a platinum album first. Hilarious, filled with great religious stuff – oh yeah.

The other episodes in this little grouping are great too. Don’t miss them.

Which were your favorites? Why?

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