Status Report: t-minus 47 hours

As many of you know, either because I’ve mentioned it in off-blog correspondence or because you’ve read my About the Author section on the official website, I’m moving to San Francisco. That moment is fast approaching. On Monday morning, June 23rd, my flight leaves from Atlanta at 9:30. That gives me 47 remaining hours to see friends and family, pack up my home, and leave nothing but cleanliness and fine smells behind me.

Fortunately for this process I’ve begun packing, but it’s not the most exhilarating or fast-paced high-thrill ride ever. Though it’s close.

Once I arrive in San Francisco, I will be searching, along with Eszter of course, who is meeting me at the airport that morning when her flight arrives from Hungary, for an apartment. This, I understand, is not an easy process, and if it’s anything like when I had to search for an apartment in Jerusalem it will be a living hell. I don’t expect that, though. I expect it to be fun and enjoyable, and I’m looking forward to it.

What I’m not looking forward to is the possibility of this blog becoming disrupted by this process, but alas, I fear there may be little that can be done. I will do my best to post consistently throughout this coming week. Monday especially since Tifany, an ex-cult member, will be answering some questions for us. However, should I fail once or twice, I beg you not to line me up against the wall in firing squad manner and execute me (a metonymy for my blog). I assure you that posts and themes will resume as normal as soon as I can get into an apartment. Then, of course, I will be frantically trying to set this apartment up as best as possible, but hopefully by then everything will be under control.

Just like this blog, working on The Zen of South Park will also be on hold for a short while, but I do hope to resume both soon, because the book is coming along very well and I’m almost through editing the final chapters. When I do post over the course of the next week, I will provide status updates on the apartment search and San Francisco, including any problems we may be having. If you have recommendations or advice I look forward to hearing it.

So, hope to see you here soon and thanks for reading.