Amusing Cartoon about Mac, PC and Linux

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Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly’s Step Brothers Proves Surprisingly Funny and Filled with One-Liners

I must admit that I didn’t go into this movie with a very good attitude. Not being in a humorous mood and not in the mood to see what I thought was going to be a two and a half hour flick will do that to a guy.

Why’d I think it would be so long? The dashboard widget on my Mac where I get my movie theater show time information said that it was 2 hours and 46 minutes. I think there was a typo, but I definitely went in thinking that this was going to be quite a commitment and not knowing how many classically pointless (though admittedly funny) Ferrell scenes I would be able to handle. Hence my confusion when the movie started winding down after about an hour and fifteen minutes. I thought, “Are they going to bring this movie all the way back up into another plot?”

In typical Ferrell fashion the movie was consistently funny with well-constructed scenes and characters to complement John C. Reilly and Ferrell’s ridiculousness. Particularly good with surprisingly amusing lines was Ferrell’s mother, played by Academy-Award winning actress Mary Steenburgen, and the rest of the cast was on point too – especially the woman who played Ferrell’s sister-in-law (Kathryn Hahn), who does an amazing scene in the bathroom with Rielly.

Honestly, at the end I thought things were going a little soft humor-wise and a little too down to earth; I imagine the cast and writers felt something a little similar because it really got quite silly in the final scenes to bring the tone back up. These aren’t complaints, of course, just a reminder that you are watching another of Ferrell’s good films, but that you’re not seeing an Anchorman.

Yes, it pains me to bring this up – a comparison to Anchorman – but isn’t that always what’s on everyone’s mind when he or she walks into any Ferrell film. Is this the next Anchorman? Don’t get me wrong. It was good – 7 Chocolate Salty Balls Good – but it was not the long awaited for equal of one of the funniest movies to ever grace God’s Green Hollywood (sometimes known as God’s Smog-filled Hellhole of Shame). So if you like Ferrell and his footloose comedy stylings, then go and enjoy this movie, but don’t get your hopes up too high and like me you’ll laugh and smile pretty consistently throughout the whole thing.

Have you seen it? What did you think? How does it compare? Get your copy of Step Brothers before it’s too late! Too late for what? Of that, I’m not sure, but hey – get a copy anyway.

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Topical Tuesday: The Importance of Loving Your Computer

I love my computer. It’s a Macbook that I purchased in February of this year. And I love it. It’s black, sleek, happy and most of all, wonderful to me.

Before my Macbook I had a Toshiba. The reason I had this Toshiba is because in a pinch, it was the easiest thing to get me after my Jerusalem apartment was robbed and my laptop (a Dell that I had had for two and a half years) stolen. Though it had caused me numerous problems I liked my Dell. It pissed me off enough, though, that I had resolved to get a Mac as my next computer.

Unfortunately, when I had to have something as quick as possible and my mom had to get it to me from overseas, I did not get to look at and shop for Macs but just had to take the quick fix. That quick fix was perhaps the worst computer I’ve ever used. Toshiba hasn’t always made bad products but recently they’ve been buying parts on the cheap, and the quality of their computers has suffered dramatically. This was such a computer. It was horrible, shutting down all the time, never working for long, and generally screwing up at every turn. Plus, it had Vista which totally sucks.

When I arrived in the States three months later I resolved to purchase a Mac and forever stay away from the horrors of PC. I did and I’ve never been happier. I feel like I divorced this ugly, stupid girl and started making love to the hottest and most brilliant chick in the world. The transition to a Mac from PC was relatively painless and I’ve never looked back. There’s no problem creating Word files; there’s no blue screen of death. I can run as many programs as I like at once (and I do). It is an intuitive experience and there are all sorts of excellent ways for me to enjoy myself with my computer by personalizing it more thoroughly.

And why is this all important? Because as someone who spends 12 hours a day in front of the computer, working and typing and writing and trying to be creative, I need to have an excellenet relationship with this machine. It is essential to my productivity, comfort and peace of mind. I didn’t used to love my work station but ever since I got this Mac I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.

What kind of computer do you use? Do you love it? Why or why not?

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