The Male v. Female Battle About Farting v. Queefing Rages in South Park Episode 1304, “Eat, Pray, Queef”

This was definitely the first totally asinine episode of the season, all about farting and queefing. The incredible part was the degree to which it played on South Park lore and history.

The episode begins with the boys’ excitement of the second in a two part Terrance and Philip episode. However, as today is April 1st (i.e. the air date of South Park episode 1304), as an April Fool’s joke, the continuation of the Terrance and Philip episode is not aired. Why is this awesome?

Because 12 years ago on April 1st, instead of showing South Park fans the much-desired first episode of season 2, which would have answered the season finale cliff hanger of season 1’s “Cartman’s Mom is a Dirty Slut” episode – i.e. who is Cartman’s father? – Trey Parker and Matt Stone aired a totally bogus episode all about Terrance and Philip doing some pointless stuff. Fans were insanely furious and protested vehemently.

And that’s exactly what the boys did in this episode 12 years later when their episode of Terrance and Phillip was replaced with an episode of The Queef Sisters – a show about two women who do the female version of farting, queefing!

The entire episode – which is very funny, filthy and silly – is about men being grossed out by women’s queefs and fighting to stop women from queefing. Of course, women defend their queefs and protest men’s farts. And that’s where we see the strong divide between the sexes.

After the men succeed in banning women’s farts, Sharon Marsh makes an impassioned speech about how far women have come and how queefing was the one little thing they had to gross out men with – and how men took that away from them. Realizing their mistake, the men record a strong about how strong women are and how they deserve to queef. As a backdrop during the song we see pictures of women doing various things, including one of Hilary Clinton with an air poof coming out form between her legs.

Other hilarious part: Martha Stewart having festive queefs. Recalls episode 608, “Red Hot Catholic Love,” when interoretrogestion has her shoving an entire turkey up there.

Ridiculous episode! What did you think? Leave your comments below.

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April Fools! Trey Parker and Matt Stone Yelled with “Terrance and Phillip in ‘Not Without My Anus,'” South Park Episode 201

Definitely the funniest thing about this episode is why it exists. As you may have noticed, it’s the first episode of the second season. Well, the cliffhanger “to-be-continued” season finale of the first season was “Cartman’s Mom is a Dirty Slut,” and was all about learning who Cartman’s father was.

Fans eagerly awaited the second season so that they could learn who Cartman’s father was and when it turned out that this episode was supposed to be aired on April 1st, Trey Parker and Matt Stone thought that a little April Fool’s joke was in order and so they made this totally ridiculous episode that was all about Terrance and Philip and a whole bunch of other nonsense.

The fans were pissed off (I wasn’t a viewer at the time). They were on board when it came to ragging on other people but when the joke-stick was pointed their way, they were not amused. I think that’s hilarious, though if I’d cared at the time I’d probably have been pissed off too.

One notable moment in this episode is Terrance and Philip and the person at the airport having no ability to differentiate between Middle Eastern countries like Iran and Iraq, insisting that they’re all the same. A comment on American (or Canadian?) ignorance about important regions of the world, hmm?

What did you think of this episode? Did you want to see the other one back in the day?

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“Cartman’s Mom is a Dirty Slut,” is South Park Episode 113

The first part of this two-part episode is all about poor Eric Cartman wanting to know who his father is. Hilariously, South Park fans wanted to know too and as this was the season finale of the first season, we all had to wait until the beginning of season two to find out. As the season began on April 1st, however, Trey Parker and Matt Stone decided it would be funny to air an April Fools joke episode about Terrance and Philip to really piss everyone off. People were indeed angry, but the next episode we learned who Cartman’s dad was.

A particularly funny part of this episode comes when Cartman goes into the local bar to tell Mr. Garrison that he’s his father because he had sex with Ms. Cartman at the Drunken Barn Dance. Mr. Garrison says, yeah, but who didn’t have sex with her at the Drunken Barn Dance. The camera pans over everyone, whose faces all say the same thing: we did her too. Eventually, the camera arrives at Father Maxi, the Catholic Priest who is having a drink with Jesus. Both look guilty as well.

Catholic priests, as we know, are not supposed to have sex, but apparently Father Maxi does. He also had sex with Mrs. Donavan (410) and has had gay experiences (503). The idea of Jesus having sex is also pretty hilarious, especially with a slutty crack-whore like Lianne Cartman.

It’s also amusing that earlier in the episode when Cartman is asking his mom who his dad is, he slams his fist on the table and screams, “Goddamnit” as an image of Jesus hanging on the cross rests on the wall. Tasteful.

Did you like this episode? What about who Cartman’s dad ended up being?

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