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A Story About Amazing Customer Service at Jamba Juice

The Situation

Usually I don’t shamelessly plug any store on this blog, and more often than I have shameless plugs I have complaints – which I generally don’t offer either for fear that the name-brand will stick in my readers’ minds longer than the complaint itself. All publicity is good publicity, after all. However, today I must share an experience I had with Jamba Juice, the store that sells the tasty, healthy fruit smoothies.

Last weekend I purchased a 16 oz. Chunky Strawberry smoothie at Jamba Juice. It was the picture they had up and it looked delicious and sweet, rather than just healthy (they mix peanut butter in there). When they gave it to me, there was indeed a 16 oz. cup but with only 10-12 oz of smoothie in it. Here’s a picture:


Those are bananas on top.

Now, quite frankly, I was a little disappointed because if I’d wanted 12 oz. in a 16 oz. cup I’d have asked for the 12 oz version for $1.50 less and asked for it to be put in a 16 oz. cup. I immediately asked, politely, if there was more of this $5 smoothie to be had, and they somewhat abruptly told me “no.” And that was that. Weird, too, because their policy is that when you choose your own flavors and don’t like it they’ll make you another one, just because their customer service is that good and they want you to be happy.

I was not happy.

Jamba Juice Response

When I got home I wrote a brief letter to Jamba Juice corporate to let them know about my experience and then forgot about it until 72 hours later when I received a reply. Not only was I asked for my address so that I could be sent some coupons for free Jamba Juices, but I was offered a sincere and heartfelt apology and the reassurance that the local branch I had visited would be contacted so no other customer experienced this negative customer service again.

I was truly appreciative, not only for the monetary gesture, but for the reminder of what good customer service is. It may be very easy to do right by your customers but not many companies do. It is very important to Jamba Juice, however, that you have a great experience at their store and always walk away happy.

I was more than satisfied and thought that was the end of it but yesterday morning I received a call from the manager of the local store, who apologized for what had happened and asked me to come in for a face-to-face apology and a smoothie on the house. He reassured me that the issue would be brought up at his staff meeting that night. This was above and beyond anything I required, and though I would be delighted to enjoy a smoothie the next time I make it over to the mall, I hardly need this nice guy to apologize to me again.


Is it really such a big deal to be ripped off of 4 oz of smoothie (which incidentally comes out to $1.25, or perhaps better put, a fraction of a tank of gas)? No, not really. But I wasn’t satisfied at Jamba Juice because when I asked, I was told I was wrong, and I really wasn’t wrong. There was supposed to be more to that smoothie and they just didn’t want to do it. What’s important is the way corporate handled the situation and for that I am so grateful because it reminds me that despite the economic woes of America right now we still have the most unbeatable customer service this world has ever seen, and as the economy recovers we will still lead the pack in the service industry because that’s what we do: service.

Thank you Jamba Juice.

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