My Movie Forecast for the Remainder of the Summer

Every Friday I provide a movie review about whatever movie I’ve seen that week. I figure it’s a good time to go ahead and let you know what movies I’ll be seeing for the rest of the summer so you can get excited too. All of these movies will be seen (or so the plan goes) on the Friday they’re released which is the date I’m providing below.

July 25: X-Files and Step-Brothers

August 1: The Mummy III

August 8: Pineapple Express

August 15: Tropic Thunder

August 22: Death Race or The House Bunny (which do you think?)

August 29: Traitor and College and Babylon A.D. (which should I see first?)

Other movies are coming out on these dates but these are the movies that I’ve chosen to see first thing. Are there any others you’d like me to see and review? Are there any you’re really looking forward to? Which will you go see?

After seeing Batman, which has already made well over 66 million dollars and broken box-office records, I must sadly report that I can’t imagine any of these movies will be better. Indeed, The Dark Knight was most assuredly the height of the summer blockbusters, and I only hope to be entertained by what’s left. Click HERE to read my review of The Dark Knight.

Featured Author, Irvine Welsh: Currently Reading Glue and Loving It

Published in 2001, Glue is certainly one of Welsh’s longer books. As a master of the short story – and Acid House being an excellent example of this – Glue proves that Welsh has it with his longer books too.

And this is only a mid-way review!

Welsh’s most well-known work, Trainspotting, famous for its adaptation to movie form, demonstrated how funny, bizarre and absolutely deranged the author could be. Its sequel, Porno, was nothing to scoff at either.

Welsh’s ability to tell stories in accents most of us can barely understand when spoken, much less read, while engaging the reader in his characters and never letting their obsessions with sex, drugs and debauchery get in the way of truly masterful storytelling is truly a mark of his talent. I haven’t read an Irvine Welsh book, whether full-length or a short story collection, that I haven’t thoroughly enjoyed. Of course, I have an unhealthy taste for books about disturbing topics and messed up characters.

Have you read it? What’d you think? Wanna get your own copy of Glue? What’s your favorite Irvine Welsh book?

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Preparing for Bale’s Batman and Ledger’s Joker

Yes, I recently became one of those people who prepurchases tickets to movies. I didn’t do it because of my excitement though. I’d be just as excited to buy my tickets the day of – more actually because if I have any change of plans then it won’t affect my viewing the movie or losing money. However, with the volume of prepurchased tickets on the rise every day and the midnight and now 3 a.m. showings selling out like crazy, I figure that if i want to see The Dark Knight on the weekend of its release (July 18, 2008, by the way) then I need to go ahead and get a ticket now. So honestly, it was out of sheer necessity that I bought a ticket early.

Have you purchased your tickets already? Does the term prepurchase, much like the notion of preboarding an airplane, make no sense? Are you excited for the movie in any case?

Nolan’s New Batman Film, Dark Knight, Pre-Selling Out

I’m really excited to share this fact with you: Dark Knight, the most highly anticipated Batman film of all time, is selling out like crazy three weeks before the movie opens. I for one, share the absolute excitement of the movie-going public about this film. The cast, from Christian Bale to Michael Caine to, of course, Heath Ledger, looks simply phenomenal, and I can’t wait to see every single one of the them – except Maggie Gyllenhaal (though I hope she impresses me).

For the record, I hate actor switches that aren’t accompanied by some kind of acknowledgement of the fact, like in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air when suddenly Aunt Viv was a totally new person from one season to the next. What’s that about? At least when the daughter on Rosanne was switched out and came back Rosanne says to her, “Where the hell have you been?” I love internal jokes referencing something that we all noticed anyway. Somehow I doubt we’re going to get the same for Katie Holmes to Maggie Gyllenhaal. I used to have a huge crush on Katie Holmes during Dawson’s Creek but I don’t know what happened to her recently. She got weird and distant and sucky. Hmm…

So Dark Knight is selling out like crazy and it looks spectacular. I honestly feel like I can’t wait and like I’m going to wet myself (but that’s more of a day to day problem than Dark Knight related). I love Batman – the only non-superpower superhero – and the reason I loved Batman Begins is because it explained how an ordinary man came to have extraordinary abilities that were not supernatural. Plus, it was bad-ass. This Batman series is sensational (and it’s not even officially a series yet), especially when compared to the first four, which were all only worth watching because of the villains (Jack Nicholson, Danny DeVito, Tommy Lee Jones and Jim Carrey).

Do you have advance tickets? Are you excited? What are you looking forward to most about it? Do you think it will live up to all the hype?

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