Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer, Reforms Cartman’s Behavior in “Tsst,” South Park Episode 1007

Cartman, as we all know, treats his mom, well, like a dog, and it’s time for that trend to be reversed. Cesar Millan, the acclaimed Dog Whisperer, comes to South Park to discipline Cartman for Lianne Cartman and make him submit to her parental will.

Cesar ignores Cartman and touches him on the neck, saying, “Tsst” to hush him and remind him that he is just a child. Cartman can’t take this horrible treatment and all that goes along with it, like healthy food, a lack of new toys and the loss of his mother to Cesar Millan. Thus, he plans to kill his mother. When he attempts to enlist the help of his friends (and fails) he reads them his plan but leaves off the last detail which is, Frame Token.

Eventually, however, Cartman does submit to his mother’s will, through the help of Cesar Millan, and becomes a behaved and reformed child. Unfortunately for Lianne, Cesar leaves when his work is done and with no one to hang out with (for she had become dependent on Cesar’s friendship), Lianna reverts to giving Cartman what he wants so that he’ll hang out with her as a friend and not as a child.

And thus, Cartman is back.

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Zen Talk: Zen is a Struggle Against Schema

To set up what you like against what you don’t like — this is the disease of the mind.

Though defining certain things as those you don’t like is flush with problems, I think the real issue here is the division less than the “like.” The moment we start dividing things into different categories in our minds we only think of them within those categories. The “is” and the “is not” – the blue and the red – the good and the bad – the like and the dislike.

Zen Buddhism is a struggle against what psychology calls “schema,” the convenient categorizing element in our brains that develops in our youth and allows us to recognize the difference between four legged animals and calling some dogs and others cats – and eventually some poodles and others dachshunds.

By breaking down the divisions that we’ve created in our minds to define things – particularly likes and dislikes – Zen allows us to start conceptualizing the world differently …. or not at all, as the case may be.

What does this quote make you think about?

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Hilarious Motivational Posters about Christmas, Cops, the Navy and Beer

It’s that time of the week again and so here are some great new motivational posters to keep you laughing:

Which was your favorite? Got any you’d like to share with us?

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