Jimmy Puts His Boner in a Hooker to Save His Comedy Act in South Park Episode 907, “Erection Day”

The South Park Elementary Talent Show is on the horizon and in classic Jimmy fashion, Jimmy plans on performing some of his hilarious stand-up comedy. However, he’s begun getting erections at the most inopportune times and has no idea how to curb his trouser-snake’s enthusiasm. In short, he’s terrified of popping wood while doing stand-up in front of the whole school.

Jimmy tries all he can think or and asks advice from his friends, including Butters, who tells him that he has to stick his penis in a girl’s vagina until warm milk comes out in order to get rid of his boner. Brilliant advice!

Jimmy begins by asking girls on dates, taking them to Italian restaurants and then asking them if he can, in effect, stick it in. Eventually he tries a hooker, and when he treats her nice, taking her out because he doesn’t recognize the difference between a hooker and a date, he ends up battling her former pimp for her loyalty. It’s quite a situation.

By the end, does Jimmy get rid of his boner in order to perform his stand-up comedy? I guess you’ll have to watch to find out.

What did you think? What was your favorite part?

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