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Jesus Teaches about the Importance of Honesty in South Park Episode 206, “The Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka”

After Uncle Jimbo and Ned exaggerate their part in the Vietnam War, getting the boys in trouble for their farsical recounting, Kenny, Cartman, Stan and Kyle play a trick on Ned and Jimbo by making them look foolish on their hunting television show. Everyone goes onto Jesus and Pals at the end of the episode where Jesus teaches them that even exaggerating can be considered lying in certain circumstances. Jesus’ producer is even sent to Hell for trying to get other people to lie in order to better Jesus’ show’s ratings.

It’s a silly second season episode, but it has a great lesson and some great lines. Jesus almost forgot why he’d gotten into show-business, until Uncle Jimbo says, “Titties and beer.” Jesus, as it happens, was thinking more of the pursuit of truth, and isn’t that an excellent thing for Jesus to tell us about why he started speaking to people and spreading a message?

It isn’t theological and it isn’t about doctrine but about spreading the truth. I love South Park‘s Jesus.

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