Indians (Native Americans, Please!) Want to Destroy South Park with a Casino Super-Highway in Episode 707, “Red Man’s Greed”

What could be better in a South Park episode than Indians (Stan, that’s racist – Native Americans, please) being greedy and seizing the land of the poor, local white people. The Indians even have a method of trading the white people something for nothing (money for gambling) and try to give them diseases (blankets covered in SARS). It’s really quite a concept.

But when South Park seems lost due to the plans of the Indians Super highway and the fact that the townsfolk can’t raise enough money to buy their homes back, hope is found in Stan. He goes on a spirit quest in search of the medicine of the white man – chicken noodle soup and sprite – and upon nursing his people back to health, and then the son of the Indian Chief when he accidentally gets SARS, South Park is saved.

Right before the parents put all the town’s money on one number fo the roulette wheel, they say, “It’s in God’s hands now.” Right.

What did you think? What was your favorite part?

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