Cartman Beefs Up to Be on TV with Kathy Lee Gifford in South Park Episode 102, “Weight Gain 4000”

This episode has a new place in my heart because of my obsession with the Fat Acceptance movement and my newfound research on and knowledge of dieting, obesity and being fat. The long and the short of it is that dieting that cycles people between weights is very unhealthy and actually being fat is not. I’m sure to get a lot of hate for making such a claim, due to our culture’s unnecessary hatred of fat people, and though South Park is all about controversy, this South Park related blog is not here to get into that (if you’re interested, start by reading my review of Health at Every Size).

I just want to mention that this episode starts with Cartman getting to go on tv for winning an essay contest and the mayor telling him to slim down because he’s unacceptably fat. Not cool, Ms. Mayor! Cartman, however, takes her advice (sort of) and tries to beef up and get in shape by drinking a bunch of Weight Gain 4000. BEEFCAKE!

Cathy Lee Gifford is coming to South Park to be on tv with Cartman. She travels in a bulletproof pope-mobile like case that has a sign on it reading “God Bless You” (how obnoxious). Mr. Garrison, whose childhood and life were destroyed by Cathy Lee, tries to assassinate her, but of course this case makes it complicated. In attempting to prove that Cartman’s essay is fraudulent, Wendy discovers Mr. Garrison’s plan and enlists Stan to stop him. It’s very Kennedy assassination-esque.

So, I guess I take issue with some characters’ behavior in this episode, but that’s what South Park is all about – stirring up some feelings to get us a-thinkin’.

What did you think? What was your favorite part?

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