Barack Obama Motivational Poster about his Nobel Peace Prize

All politics aside, I thought this was a pretty well done motivational poster.


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Hilarious Motivational Posters about Futility, Work, Goals and Government

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Kyle’s Cousin Comes to Town and Mr. Garrison Solves the Airline Problems in South Park Episode 511, “The Entity”

This episode is all about Jewish stereotypes, and rather than portray them in a totally uninteresting way, South Park does a fascinating job of bringing them to the forefront. Kyle’s Cousin, Kyle (who I will call KC) comes from Connecticut to live with Kyle and his family, and he is a walking, talking, breathing Jewish stereotype. He is nerdy looking, obsessed with money and bargains and constantly complains.

Unable to stand the idea that KC is destroying all the hard work he’d done making a good name for Jews in South Park, Kyle does his best to get rid of his cousin. Kyle is terrified of becoming a stereotype himself.

“A self-hating Jew,” Stan exclaims. “You are becoming a stereotype.”

In the meantime, Mr. Garrison, finally fed up with the bullshit of the airlines and hell at the airport, invents a device called the Entity, which travels so fast that it eliminates the need for air travel. Incidentally, the seat goes up your butt and the controller is a shaft held in the mouth. Unfortunately for his brilliant invention the U.S. government refuses to let the airlines go under and shuts Mr. Garrison down.

This episode is a brilliant critique of the government’s protectionism and continually failed policies to help the American people while potentially doing them an enormous disservice and pissing them off. Reminds me of something particularly relevant that’s going on right now…

The end of the episode includes a brilliant message delivered through KC, but you’ll have to watch it to find out what it is.

What did you think of this episode and its current topicality? What was your favorite part?

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Linda Bacon’s Health at Every Size is a Life-Changing Experience about Weight, Food and Life

Anyone who wants to change his or her life for the better and do him/herself a huge favor should read Dr. Linda Bacon’s book, Health at Every Size: The Surprising Truth About Your Weight.

This book is counter-culture and earth-shattering in scope and quality. Bacon, a revered researcher of weight and related issues, single-handedly takes on the misguided and erroneous notions that pervade our society about weight loss, dieting and health. This book is well-researched and excellently cited – two huge criteria for me when reading anything of this nature – and actually breaks down and explains why and how America has been made to believe that fat kills and weight is ugly.

Well fat doesn’t kill and big is just as beautiful as anything else. We’ve been lied to by health professionals, researchers, our government and nearly everybody else.

What makes this woman – who apparently few people agree with – right, you ask? That I can hardly tell you in this brief post. I can only beseech you to go on or wherever you prefer to order your books and buy this one. It will change your life.

It you’re fat, it will be the beginning of a whole new life of feeling good without dieting and hating your body. If you’re thin, it will make you understand an oppressed segment of our population and hopefully it will also change your relationship with food and your weight for the better. I’m not a big guy but I will never understand food or weight the same again – and I mean that in a good way.

Click HERE to buy this book now and change your life (those of you familiar with my book reviews will know that I don’t ever attach links for a book to be purchased, but this one is too important not to).

The Late Michael Crichton’s Next, Though Politically Charged, Is Not His Best

I think that Michael Crichton is a spectacular writer. Not only are his stories compelling, his plots engaging and his writing enjoyable, but his ability to incite something entirely different in his reader is remarkable. Why? Because he often writes about topics that are (or should be) important issues of public discourse.

Crichton does not merely pick some outrageous sci-fi notion and run with it to the ends of the earth. He writes science fiction that is well-researched and of practical public interest. He then crafts a story that pushes the boundaries of “what if” while demonstrating the numerous issues that surround the topic at hand, whether nanotechnology, biological experimentation or global warming – one of the largest thorns in his side.

He was an outspoken public critic of complacency and constantly sought to shake up the status-quo. When unethical or damaging tactics were allowed to plague an institute of government, a scientific research facility, or the media, he seized upon them and exposed them in the best way he knew how – creative science fiction grounded in reality.

Next was Crichton’s jab at genetic technology and gene experimentation. This well-researched book ended with a series of recommendations for how American politics, government and people should proceed in regards to these issues. The book itself was fascinating for the issues it exposed but for some reason this time I just couldn’t grab hold of the slightly over the top sci-fi elements.

I certainly feel more educated about genetic research and the state of affairs of politics and science than I did before – thanks to his grounding these books in facts – but the sci-fi elements themselves were just not for me this time. I won’t stop reading Crichton’s books, though, but sadly we won’t be seeing any more of them (that aren’t published posthumously).

Here’s to you, Mr. Crichton. Thanks!

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Peruvian Pan Flute Bands, Furry Death and Government Conspiracy Abound in South Park Episode 1210, “Pandemic”

Looking for the continuation of this episode? Click HERE.

Pan-Flute Epidemic = Pandemic

When the boys go to the mall so that Kenny can buy the necessary equipment to shave his balls, they notice an abundance of pan-flute Peruvian bands. A bit of empirical research leads Stan to the conclusion that there’s big money to be made with such a band, and so the boys (with Craig as their new recruit) start their own band.

At first their efforts are successful and the money starts filling the coffers, but when the government, justly concerned by the “Pan-flute Epidemic” or Pandemic that has swept the U.S. and the world, arrests all the bands, the boys wind up in a quarantine facility in Miami.

They manage to talk to the head of the Department of Homeland Security, who, convinced that the boys are some kind of white-Peruvian hybrid, decides not to send them away if they agree to infiltrate Peru and once and for all put a stop to the spread of pan-flute bands.

In the meantime, we learn that the Peruvian flute players were actually protecting everyone from the Furry Death, which starts wreaking havoc in South Park shortly after all of the Peruvians have disappeared. It turns out that this Furry Death is guinea pigs, and the only person who could stop them is on a plane to the middle of nowhere.


And then the episode stops. That’s right. It just stops. The boys are on a plane to Peru (supposedly). Disaster is spreading all over the world. A government conspiracy seems to be in the works with the director of Homeland Security, the disappearance of the Peruvian bands and the arrival of the guinea pigs – and it just stops. It doesn’t even say To Be Continued (or if it did my local network cut it off earlier). WTF?

I must say, I’m intrigued. The episode was getting increasingly ridiculous and I’m always down with ridiculous, but I really wanted to know where this was going. And then it stopped. Will next week be a continuation of this?

Why This Episode Hits Home With Me

So, my step-mother works for the CDC. She’s an epidemiologist and what she actually works on all the time is government preparedness for a pandemic, whether flu or otherwise. It’s fascinating work and she’s spent years trying to get the Bush administration to adopt this highly complex and thorough plan that she and her team has worked out. After adoption it takes enormous work to implement and make sure we’re prepared as a country but she goes all over the world – including Peru! – to get countries to adopt this excellent plan. But lo and behold, in January she’ll have to convince a whole new batch of people to do what’s best for the country.

Meanwhile, I told her that there was going to be an episode of South Park called “Pandemic” and told her to watch. Somehow I don’t think this is what either of us were expecting, but I’m still intrigued. Hopefully she is too….but I doubt it.

What did you think of the episode? Will it be continued next week? What the hell is going on – theories anyone? Rate the episode here:

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The French Finally Get Something Right by Allowing a Woman to Sue the Church of Scientology for Fraudulent Practices

No, it’s not often that I like anything done by the French government, but finally, they’ve got something right. Let’s just hope that they can keep it that way.

Currently, in France, Scientology is not on a list of recognized religions and it is considered a commercial enterprise. Indeed, it is. The ‘church’ sells numerous products, makes outrageous and false claims about what they do, and only really cares about money.

After a woman gave the church nearly 20,000 Euros for illegally prescribed drugs, courses, books and counseling with an e-meter (that nonsensical device with no scientific backing), she finally realized (guess she wasn’t that bright to begin with) that the stuff was hocus pocus and is suing Scientology for fraud. Good for her.

Scientologists protest because they insist that they have already been cleared of similar charges. Shouldn’t they take a hint considering how many people are pissed and consider this fraudulent nonsense? Well, they probably have – it’s the people who keep joining Scientology that don’t get it.

In any case, I hope this woman sues successfully and wins, because Scientology is a scam that deserves to be shut down. At least booting it out of France and requiring it to give money to people will be a small start.

What do you think about suing Scientology?

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