The Quran and Being True to Ourselves: The Cow 1-10

Welcome to week 1 with the Quran, where we’ll take a peek at the first ten verses of the first sura, The Cow.

What really jumped out at me was the amount of beliefs and life requirements that appeared, including a belief in revelation, prophets, the afterlife, faith, God, and Judgment Day. And then there were the actions: verse three articulates two of the Five Pillars of Islam, prayer (devotional obligations) and charity. I actually like these items inclusion, particularly the charity one.

Verses 8-10 were the ones I found most intriguing. Though the discussion is about those who feign faith and loyalty to God and the requisite beliefs of Islam, I think that the point about deceivers is most applicable today. We are told that those who try to deceive others about their beliefs – that is, convince people that they’re something they are not – are really only deceiving themselves. Of course, Islam isn’t suggesting that these people be true to themselves and embrace the fact that they don’t follow God – the text would prefer that they follow God and Islam – but it does raise a good point about deception.

Trying to be something we’re not is fruitless and attempting to convince others of this fact rarely hurts them as much as it hurts us. Be yourself and embrace that in which you believe.

What did you get out of these first ten verses? What was your initial reaction to the Quran? Did anything remind you of the Bible?

Administrative: Oh my goodness is the Quran dense! I thought we would be reading 100 verses a week, but so I don’t go crazy with what to say, we’re going to do 10 a week (and I’ll include them at the end of the post for your convenience). Feel free to read ahead if you’re into it. Also, please comment on whatever you want regarding the week’s verses – don’t feel obligated to stick to what I’ve chosen to say.

Also, my friend and fellow scholar, Hilla, will be joining us each week to kick off the discussion of these verses so make sure to take a look at the first comment as she’s sure to have something great to add.

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The Cow 1-10

1. Alif Lam Mim 2. This is The Book free of doubt and involution, a guidance for those who preserve themselves from evil and follow the straight path. 3. Who believe in the Unknown and fulfil their devotional obligations, and spend in charity of what We have given them. 4. Who believe in what has been revealed to you and what was revealed to those before you, and are certain of the Hereafter. 5. They have found the guidance of their Lord and will be successful. 6. As for those who deny, it is all the same if you warn them or not, they will not believe. 7. God has sealed their hearts and ears, and veiled their eyes. For them is great deprivation. 8. And there are some who, though they say: “We believe in God and the Last Day,” (in reality) do not believe. 9. They (try to) deceive God and those who believe, yet deceive none but themselves although they do not know. 10. Sick are their hearts and God adds to their malady. For them is suffering for they lie.

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The Quran is the holy book of the Muslim religion and should therefore be treated with a great deal of respect. Though we will be reading it with a critical eye like we would any other text, I will not be approving any callously disrespectful or prejudice comments. That said, I think it’s very important for everyone to read the holy books of other religions because it helps us understand other people better, and with the current state of world affairs, I think that reading the Quran is of special importance. I hope you’ll join me on this sure to be fascinating day to read and think about the Quran. Don’t forget to go get yourself a copy or click HERE for multiple translations to read online (click HERE to read the first Quran post)!

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