“D-Yikes!” has Mrs. Garrison Being a Lesbian – Confused Sexuality? I Think So

The movie 300 sucked. Yeah, there were some okay battle scenes but honestly, give me a break. I think perhaps Parker and Stone felt similarly because this episode tears into that movie. It’s pretty hilarious actually. Check it out tonight at 10.

There’s really nothing to say about it from a religious perspective.

Have you seen it? Did you like it?

Update for 8-4 with episode 107, “Pinkeye”

This is a great episode about Halloween and zombies, if you’re looking for such things. A particularly wonderful part is Chef’s rendition of Thriller.

Note the end of the episode when Kyle and Stan are talking about understanding the true meaning of Halloween and the way they confuse the purpose of the holiday with Christmas. It certainly speaks to the conflicting messages we send American children about the purposes of holidays and how it can sometimes be difficult to discern what exactly is meant to be celebrated.

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South Park episode 111, “Tom’s Rhinoplasty,” Shows Lesbian in Leather with Silver Cross

Lots of characters on South Park adorn themselves with crosses. Of course, clergy are obvious examples, like in “Hell on Earth” when the various bishops and priests all have big crosses around their necks – and around the necks of the little naked boys accompanying them are leashes.

Also, the goth kids – think about “Raisins” when Wendy breaks up with Stan – have crosses in their rooms. Similarly is Ms. Ellen, who one day decides to dress in all black leather and has a little silver cross around her neck. And she’s a lesbian.

What do you think the association is between goth and a goth attitude and the symbol of Christianity, the crucifix?

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