In South Park Episode 1312 the Boys Launch a Campaign to Change the Word “Fag” to Mean a Loud, Douchebag, Harley Rider

By way of having a real meaning I thought this episode was the king of the season so far.

Harley Davidson bikers are driving around South Park trying to be cool and badass. They’re actually just disrupting everyone’s lovely days by making tons of noise and generally being obnoxious. They boys start calling them fags, and when the bikers don’t stop ruining everything the boys shit on their bike seats and spray paint, “Get Out Fags,” all over town.

This, of course, causes grave concern, first amongst the gay people in town (Mr. Slave and Big Gay Al) and then amongst the school administration and the local government. Everyone is shocked that Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman so freely admit that they’re guilty of being abusive towards gays, and this causes the boys to explain their behavior. They say that the loud and obnoxious bikers are fags. Not gay. Gay people are fine. It’s fags (i.e. bikers) that they hate.

It takes everyone a while to understand the differentiation between the words “fag” and “gay” but eventually a dictionary is actually broken open on the show and the evolving definition of the word is explained. Fag has referred to a variety of different hated groups throughout history, only recently gay people, but it’s meaning continues to change as those addressed by the word become irrelevant or no longer hated. That is, as a group, gay people are no longer fags.

In fact, in order to make this entire situation clear and officially make the new meaning of Fag “annoying Harley Davidson bikers,” the boys ask the keepers of the dictionary to make it a permanent definition.

So incensed are Harley Davidson bikers at the idea of being the new fags that they nearly destroy the entire town fighting about it. That, of course, only makes them faggier. By the end of the episode it is clear that those loud bike-riding douches are the world’s biggest FAGS.

I loved that this episode separated the word fag from the word gay. All too often people use gay as a negative adjective, and that’s terrible. Fag, however, is another story. That word is meant to have a negative connotation, and though it’s still a shame to draw that connotation because of its modern relationship to the word fag, it’s great that someone is making an effort to change the word to something new. Leave it to South Park to instigate social change.

Funniest line from the episode: when the boys are asked what someone who is considering getting a Harley and driving it around loudly is called, Cartman replies, “bike-curious.” Say it fast and you’ll get it. Just a nice pun on the use of fag and gay in this episode.

What’d you think of this most recent episode? What was your favorite part.

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Mr. Slave Rectally Ingests Paris Hilton in “Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset,” South Park Episode 812

Talk about a lesson with a moral – and a disturbing scene.

Unfortunately, our culture reveres despicable pseudo-celebrities like Paris Hilton, and our little girls have begun to emulate her. How do you emulate Paris Hilton? By purchasing the Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset!

Wendy Testeburger is not interested in acting like a stupid spoiled whore and is ostracized by her friends for being a goody-two shoes, despite doing her best, eventually, to become like Paris.

Curiously enough, it is Mr. Slave who has to teach Wendy that she shouldn’t want to be a stupid spoiled whore and that she shouldn’t revere Paris Hilton. In fact, to stop Paris Hilton, Mr. Slave challenges Paris to a whore-off, ultimately winning by landing on Paris so that she winds up in his rectum.


I’d say that the point of this episode is pretty straight-forward and doesn’t require a lot of philosophical speculation on my part. Correct me if I’m wrong and leave your waxings below.

What did you think about this episode? What was your favorite part?

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South Park’s “Follow That Egg” Legalizes Gay Marriage

When Mrs. Garrison decides that she is ready to forgive Mr. Slave and take him back only to discover that he plans to marry Big Gay Al, she vows to prevent the legalization of gay marriage in Colorado and keep them separated forever.

To do this, she creates an experiment whereby the children in her class have to take care of an egg, and by pairing up two boys, she plans to prove that men are incapable of caring for a child. Then she’ll show the results of her “scientific” study to the governor who will have a reason to prevent the passage of the gay marriage bill without being directly responsible. Brilliant….really brilliant.

At the end of the episode, when Big Gay Al and Mr. Slave are getting married, funny enough, it is Father Maxi – a Catholic priest! – who presides over their marriage. Curious, considering that Catholicism doesn’t tolerate homosexuality, much less its sanctioning by the bonds of holy matrimony.

Personally, I think gay people should be allowed to marry, if not in church, at least legally. In fact, I don’t think that the government should have anything to do with the term marriage. I think that only religious or other institutions should concern themselves with that term. My issue is what the government does because only the government affects all people in the U.S. and has the obligation to treat us all equally.

That said, the government should ONLY have the right to grant people the status of “civil union.” Any two consenting adults should be able to join in such a union and then reap the benefits, tax or otherwise, of this union. In this way, marriage and the government have nothing to do with one another and no one has to worry or be treated unequally. You want to be married? Let your priest do it and call it whatever you want.

Do you like this episode? What’d you think? What are your thoughts on gay marriage?

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In “The Death Camp of Tolerance” the South Park Boys Learn to Be Tolerant of Gays – Really Gays

In order to get fired and then sue the school board for tons of money for unlawful dismissal, Mr. Garrison introduces the class to Mr. Slave and proceeds to engage in incredibly lewd and inappropriate conduct with him in the classroom – including but certainly not limited to shoving Lemmiwinks, the class gerbil, up Mr. Slave’s ass.

The parents, believing that their children are intolerant of homosexuality – something they couldn’t care less about, just Mr. Garrison’s behavior – make their children go to the Museum of Tolerance. When that doesn’t work, it’s time for the Death Camp of Tolerance.

This episode introduces us to a number of stereotypes, emphasizing the fact that we are all different and should be accepted for our differences. At the same time, it points out two important issues surrounding the idea of tolerance. The first is the sometimes hypocritical nature of tolerance, which is to say that people are supposed to be accepted for differences they cannot help but when it comes to life choices – like smoking – we can be intolerant. This, South Park contends, is bullshit.

Additionally, the show asks us to question the limit of tolerance and think about where we draw the line. As Mr. Garrison says:

“This kind of behavior should not be acceptable from a teacher…[You should be] tolerant, but not stupid! Look, just because you have to tolerate something doesn’t mean you have to approve of it! If you had to like it, it’d be called the Museum of Acceptance! “Tolerate” means you’re just putting up with it! You tolerate a crying child sitting next to you on the airplane or, or you tolerate a bad cold. It can still piss you off! Jesus Tap-dancing Christ!”

Did you like this episode? What things are you intolerant of? Where do you draw the line? Have you ever shoved a gerbil up your ass?

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