Around the World Pic of the Day: The Rock of Immortality in China

Jay at the Rock of Immortality

Jay at the Rock of Immortality

In March of 2006 I had the amazing honor of going to Beijing on an all expenses paid trip for my school’s Model United Nations team. Well, we didn’t actually compete in the tournament but actually spent ten days in a luxury hotel and traveling all over the city and the surrounding area. It was incedible and a really awesome time.

One of the things we did was go to a Summer Palace (though I forget the specifics) that was an enormous complex with a lake and lord knows how much other awesome land and how many cool buildings to explore. It was really beautiful and very neat. Towards the beginning of this place was this rock which ancient Chinese tradition says brings immortality. It’s often a site of pilgrimage, and dozens of Chinese people were all around it touching it and rubbing it with fervor and good cheer.

I touched it, too, as you can see, and though I have no desire to be immortal, I am curious whether or not I can still die. I’m not asking that anyone help me test that theory, but hey, I touched the rock.

Would you want to be immortal? I happen to think that there’s a lot more to the whole picture than this life and so sticking around in it forever, and continually watching those I love die would be a real shame – I think. Yes, it would be great to stick around and keep doing good in the world but it also means you’d have to do a lot more than financially plan for your retirement. I would also love to see more of history unfold and get to know how it was ‘back in the day’ more than anyone else and tell them about it. However, all of those things might get old. And what if there was a nuclear holocaust and I was the only person left on earth. That would suck!

So, immortality is not for me. I really hope the rock didn’t work. Have you been to Beijing? Actually, heres another picture of me at the Olympic countdown sign.

Jay at the Olympic Countdown Sign

Jay at the Olympic Countdown Sign

Funny time for this post, huh?

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