Glide, Phish and the Pursuit of Happyness

My most recent Nashville Free Press article is all about the fascinating church in San Francisco called Glide, which is, interestingly, the name of a Phish song that comes eerily close to my thoughts on this church.

Cartman saves South Park from Phish and Hippy Hell in “Die Hippie, Die” (902)

Let me begin by saying, I love Phish. I’ve been to many a Phish concert, and I wish that Phish still toured because I would go every time they came near me. I listen to a lot of other music, but sometimes I can get on a Phish kick that will last awhile.

That said, hippies do kind of suck. They’re annoying and self-righteous and they stink somethin’ awful. Fortunately, they love to pass the j to the right, puff puff. But hey, if you’re only good quality is your ability to share your pot, you can go to hell – but take a shower first.

In this episode, hippies start filling South Park and when Cartman notices the infestation he tries to do something about it. It’s too late, though, and the hippies take over, starting a giant jam circle that stretches and stretches. They claim they’re going to change the world, but they’re really just getting high and listening to music. NOOOOO!

What did you think of this episode? What do you think of hippies? Pot? Phish? Have you ever been to a Phish concert? Which one? Did you like it? Favorite part/song?

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Al Gore and Global Warming Lambasted in “Manbearpig,” South Park episode 1006

“Look, we didn’t plan on a freak river flood. God must really want those kids dead,” a rescue worker says when the boys get trapped in a cave that’s flooding because Al Gore is nuts. I love people’s attribution of bad things to God – especially when it comes to dead children.

This episode, released shortly after An Inconvenient Truth, makes fun of Al Gore for his desperation to have the spotlight turned on him and to discuss global warming until he’s blue in the face. The creation of Manbearpig, Al Gore’s made-up global terror that must be stopped, is obviously equivalent to global warming (in case you missed that) and the lines he utters at the end really drive the point home.

My feelings on global warming aside, I would like to say that Al Gore has a pretty good sense of humor about some things. First, his episode of Saturday Night Live after he lost the 2000 election was great, especially considering that it guest-starred Phish, and when he did an episode of 30 Rock, it was pretty funny how he left under the guise of hearing a whale somewhere calling for help. Good-natured fellow, it seems.

However, this episode makes him look like a loony and it’s pretty funny to boot. Read about another South Park episode that really tears into global warming.

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Read about other South Park episodes.