Fancast Proves Great News for Avid Television Watchers – Read This, Then Check it Out for Yourself

If you’re like me there are more tevision shows out there than you have the ability to remember to watch. The other day I found myself crying, “What!?” when a friend turned me onto a new site called Fancast that pretty much solved this problem for me.

What There Was

We all know places online where we can watch television for free. A lot of these places are more trouble than they’re worth: the streaming takes forever or blips, the quality is crummy, they’re getting shut-down for some kind of copyright infringement. I stopped watching tv online in the hopes of something better one day coming along. It has.

What Came Along

Fancast is quickly becoming one of the largest spots on the internet for watching all of our favorite television shows hassle-free and in great quality. Now, as a blog about South Park, you’d think I’d have trouble giving props to a site whose South Park section is a bit shy of stellar. However, as most great South Park fans know, the official South Park Studios site provides every episode of South Park for free so that’s already no trouble to watch. But what about all the other great tv out there?

Shows I Want to Be Watching

I love a whole bunch of other shows, like Dexter, Heroes, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, the Tudors, Family Guy, the Simpsons, Burn Notice, Two and a Half Men and others. Frankly, I never thought there was so much tv that I wanted to watch, but there is. I hardly ever remember to watch it all and when my girlfriend wants to watch something else, I often have to yield my remote control (after all, I do get it 98.4% of the time).

How Fancast Has Awesomed Up My TV Watching

With Fancast I never really miss these shows anymore so whether the lady has taken the remote, the show is from a station I don’t get (Showtime or HBO) or I just forget it’s on, I can always go check out Fancast which keeps all of my personal favorites in a list and you know what else – it even sends me reminders when it gets new episodes of my favorite shows! Thus, even if I forget about the program, Fancast has me covered.

Fancast also makes it really easy to get into new shows that I’ve been dying to try out like Californication, because I can just start at the beginning and watch right through. Moreover, sometimes I can convince my wonderful woman to miss Gossip Girl and let me finish watching Monday Night Football because I can guarantee her the reliability of the new episode being on in good quality on Fancast the next day.

Summary – A Vote on Prop Fancast

I know I’m rambling but I love to share a good thing. Just say I’m spreading the gospel.

What are your favorite shows? Have you tried out Fancast? What did you think?

To watch full episodes of hundreds of shows, click HERE – don’t forget to come back and tell me what you thought!

Book Recommendation: The Book (yes, that’s right – the Bible)

This is our first Saturday together and I thought, I could start with something easy like a nice movie. Maybe the South Park movie, Bigger, Longer and Uncut, would be a cute first recommendation. Even a simpler book like one of my favorite fiction books, Lolita, by Vladimir Nobokov perhaps. But despite the fact that both of those items come highly recommended (and can be found for purchase on under South Park Merchandise at, I still think that today, on this first of recommendation days, I am going to recommend the Bible. Now, not the whole thing, though the whole thing is quite spectacular. I’m just going to say the first five books, known as The Five Books of Moses, the Torah or more precisely, Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy.

It is certainly not with religious conviction that I offer up this recommendation. Indeed, as you’ll learn, I am not a religious man. A scholar of religion, some might say (my mother thinks pretty highly of me), but a religious practitioner – absolutely not. However, as I decided to sleep through the religious ceremony of a family member today, I realized that the Bible would be the right recommendation. For you see, my new step-brother will be getting married in July, and in Jewish tradition, before the wedding, he is called up during the reading of the Torah to say a special prayer. It’s an honor – really.

So, all that being the case, and recognizing how important it is to read the Bible for a general understanding of our society and culture’s roots, because it is a book that has shaped our history for thousands of years, and because it’s one which so many people claim they understand so well (though they actually understand so little), I’ve decided to recommend the Bible. Chapter 4 of The Zen of South Park is called “The Bible: Not Just a Really Old Book,” and it’s true. The Bible is much more than a really old book, and I think it’s important for everyone to read.

However, the Bible, as a book, often intimidates the unprepared. So, I want to provide you with a few preliminary thoughts just to warm the water as you dip your toes in. First, the Bible is just a book. Whether or not you think it was written by God, by Moses, by Prophets, by Jesus, by Joe Pesci – it doesn’t matter. It’s still, in it’s completed form, just a book: words in a particular order on a series of pages that say things, sometimes coherent and sometimes slightly less so. That said, read it like a book. Start at page one and read a little bit like a critical reader enjoying a Stephen King or a Grisham novel. That’s what it is – mystery, intrigue, murder, character development, plot, etc. Don’t get hung up on archaic terms or ‘whether or not something really happened.’ When you encounter sentences that don’t make any sense logically, just note them, understand that there is a way to rectify those problems (I’ll explain later if you want – and that way is NOT because people in the ancient world didn’t use logic or that God wrote indiscernably), and then move on and continue enjoying the story. Remember, the authors of the Bible (generally speaking) were not trying to be mysterious. When they tell you something, like an eye for an eye or that God walked through the Garden of Eden (yes, walked), they really do mean it. So take them seriously and try to imagine what the original audience did – exactly what the words of the Bible are telling you. Want to know more? Start reading and post your questions.

So why is it important to read the Bible? Well, do you know anyone who has read the Bible? Has anyone ever mentioned it around you? Have you ever thought, I don’t know what they’re talking about but it doesn’t sound right? Well, all of these are only starters. The Bible is the foundational work of Western Civilization (among a few others – Aristotle’s oeuvre for instance), but in America, it is the most printed book, the most read book, the most popular book and the one that everyone claims to know all about. But again, they don’t. Most people don’t really understand the Bible because they just try to interpret it to fit into their own religious schema. Well, anyone can do that and by the time everyone has we don’t really have the Bible anymore: just an over-interpreted and now contradictory (from all the opposing interpretations) book that was once wonderful and full of knowledge. So be a part of fixing that problem. Read the Bible for yourself, like a novel, like a history book (though of course all of the things it says historically are not necessarily true), like a regular old book that deserves your attention, and enjoy it. Plus know that I will always be here, happy to answer your questions about anything that doesn’t make sense, any historical question of the era, any linguistic issue, or anything else that is bothering you or that you’d like my opinion on. I’ve spent years studying the Bible in top academic programs and while I respect both religion and faith, I think it’s important to read the Bible without either and see how much there is to be learned and understood from this amazing book.

The New Revised Standard Version is the edition I recommend because of it’s accurate translation of the Biblical Hebrew as well as its incorporation of Aramaic, Greek and Latin versions into a readable and enjoyable Bible experience. The annotated version will answer a lot of your questions as you go along. If you go to and click on Suggested Bibliography, I have provided links to a variety of editions of the Bible that I recommend. Let me know if you have any questions.

I hope you enjoy and don’t hesitate to post your questions and thoughts about the Bible, or if you’re shy about your questions then just send me an email at

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