The Boys Yearn for Fart Jokes with “The New Terrance and Phillip Movie Trailer,” South Park Episode 604

Terrance and Philip are known for their endless stream of hilarious fart jokes, and when the boys learn that the new Terrance and Philip movie trailer will be aired during Russell Crowe’s show, Fightin’ Round the World, they, along with every other kid in South Park, make sure to watch it.

Unfortunately problem after problem impedes their ability to do so, whether Ike watching McNeil/Leher at Kyle’s house, Shelley watching TV and demanding that the boys get her tampons at Stan’s house, fumigations and more. They can only run house to house during the actual show, of course, because it’s the commercials and the trailer that they’re so desperate to see.

The funniest part of this episode, which incidentally makes up a lot of it, is watching Russell Crowe be an aggressive asshole all over the world. Plus the part with Kyle and Cartman being thankful for stupid people when they convince Butters to go get Shelley’s tampons so that they don’t have to.

What did you think? What was your favorite part?

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Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe are Excellent in Ridley Scott’s Body of Lies

As far as I know this hasn’t been a critically acclaimed film. In fact, it’s one among many Hollywood attempts to expose the problematic approach of the United States to the War on Terror. Well, we all know it’s flawed but throwing it in our faces when we’ve paid $10 to be entertained is not the greatest approach.

As it happens, this movie was pretty entertaining. It was, I contend, too long, and quite frankly I don’t understand why almost every movie these days is over 2 hours. I wish I could say I thought they were trying to give us our money’s worth, but when it comes to movies, value is not measured in time. It’s measured in the quality of the product on the screen. Now, it’s not that there were a huge amount of scenes that needed cutting, but generally I find long movies to be a problem with ego or intelligence. Either the director/editor thinks that his material is too good to be cut or (s)he’s not smart enough to figure out how to cut material while making sure the story doesn’t fall apart. It’s an art and it’s difficult, I understand, but that doesn’t mean I need to sit there through 30 minutes of bunk material because you can’t get your cut on.

In any case, this movie was good, if a little long. I’m not generally a big Russell Crowe fan, but he did a good job being a character I wasn’t supposed to like much anyway. Leonardo DiCaprio, as always, was spectacular. I often say that he is one of the premier actors of our generation and I stand by that. He is incredible and this performance was great – not Oscar great and perhaps not Blood Diamond great, but he’s great.

I loved the portrayal of certain aspects of Muslim culture in Jordan, including the difficulties between the Muslim woman and DiCaprio’s character, and I loved the defense of the Middle East and Islamic culture by DiCaprio. The Middle East is a great place with great people and this global struggle that we’ve all become embroiled in makes it rather difficult to realize that. Obviously, that’s what Hollywood, in all its glory, wants us to see, but unfortunately it would rather slam it in our faces than subtly demonstrate the fact. What can you do?

I give Body of Lies 7 chocolate salty balls.

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Motivational Posters That Rock My World: The Pope, Virginity, Sharks and Cake

It’s Tuesday again and that means six more choice motivational posters for you, my friends:

Which was your favorite? Got any good ones? Send them to me and I’ll make sure they get into next week’s post.

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