Barbra Streisand is set to Rule the World in South Park Episode 112, “Mecha-Streisand”

Years ago I watched some special with Trey Parker and Matt Stone, who said that, despite making fun of most everyone, they only truly hated Barbra Streisand. I thought that was pretty funny, especially in light of this episode, which depicts her as a hideous, power-hungry monster with designs to take over the world.

After the boys find the special, magical, Triangle of Zinthar, Streisand comes to town in search of it, hoping to unite it with her other triangle, transform into Mecha-Streisand and conquer the world. The only way to stop her after she transforms is through the help of Sidney Poitier, film critic Leonard Maltin, and The Cure’s Robert Smith.

After they defeat the evil Mecha-Streisand, Jesus is seen jumping up and down alongside the boys as they shout, “Our Savior.”

What a great episode. Do you like this one?

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